Check Reorder

Time to reorder checks for your personal or business checking account? CTCU has chosen Harland Clarke as our official check provider for their fast, easy and secure online check order process, as well as their huge selection of low cost, high quality checking products. You'll be sure to find the checks that are right for you.

Personal Checks

If you're looking for personal checks, Harland Clarke features hundreds of different styles from basic conservative designs to cartoon characters, sports, and every hobby, and taste in between. Find the design that best reflects your unique personality.

Reorder Personal Checks 

Business Checks

Choose from manual or computer checks for laser/inkjet or tractor/pin-feed printers, in a variety of formats such as three-to-a-page, book bound and loose snapset all in a variety of different colors and styles. Value packs and additional accessories are available.

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