Bill Payment & Presentation

Community Trust Credit Union can help ease your bill paying burden that comes with today's fast pace lifestyle. Bill Payment and Presentation is easy-to-use, secure, and takes a fraction of the time you'd normally spend writing and mailing checks. You'll save on checks and postage fees.

Compared with other bill payment services, CTCU's Bill Payment and Presentation lets you receive and view your bills online, as well as make payments. This combines all your online bills in one simple, easy to use, website. [View Bill Payment and Presentation Demo] You can set-up bills to be paid automatically or manually, and scheduled to be sent on any date you prefer. A scheduling calendar helps you determine which date will ensure that your payment arrives on time. You'll enjoy the confidence from knowing that your bills are delivered on time, every time.

Sending payments to the local dry cleaner, florist, or babysitter is no problem. When a payee does not have electronic means of receiving your payment, a paper check is written and mailed for you!

Bill Payment & Presentation is FREE for unlimited payments per month, and only available to CTCU members with a CTCU personal checking account!

View our Bill Payment and Presentation Disclosure.

Member Benefits

  • Save money on stamps, checks, and envelopes.
  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments while you're busy or out of town.
  • FREE unlimited payments.
  • Receive, view and pay your bills from just one convenient website.
  • Easily access your payment history including pending payments.
  • Receive email notifications of incoming bills as well as payment confirmations.
  • Pay any one who accepts a paper check.
  • Increased security against identity theft.
  • 24-hour toll-free support: 1-866-468-4856


  • CTCU checking account.
  • Online access to eBranch.
  • Bill Payment is a FREE for members using a personal checking account as the bill payment funding source.
  • Bill Payment accounts may be subject to a $5 per month inactivity fee or deactivation, when the bill payment account is inactive for 90 consecutive days.