Overdraft Privilege

Whether it's an honest mistake in balancing your checkbook, an unforeseen expense, or a temporary shortfall, sometimes your balance falls below zero. Overdraft Privilege can help you make sure that a small problem won't get any bigger.

With Overdraft Privilege, transactions that overdraw your account will be honored up to a maximum preset limit- with no applications, credit checks, and no worry. In fact, Overdraft Privilege is automatic to most CTCU checking accounts. CTCU members can contact the credit union to verify their eligibility. For each transaction covered by Overdraft Privilege, a $30.00 NSF fee is charged to your account- that’s less than the cost charged by most merchants for a returned check- and you’ve saved the embarrassment a returned check can cause.

Hints & Tips

Here are a few helpful tips to avoid exceeding your account balance, reserving Overdraft Privilege for when you really need it.

Maintain Your Balance

Use eBranch and ART to track checks that have cleared, and make sure you have available funds to cover any new purchases or payments. Every check covered beyond your balance is subject to the standard $30.00 NSF fee.

Email Notification

Set up your account through eBranch to notify you by email when your balance has fallen below the minimum amount you specify, or when a specific check has cleared.

Confirm Check Holds

CTCU works to make your funds available as quickly as possible after a deposit, but there are cases where check holds apply. Electronic Deposits are available on the same day we receive the deposit.

Track Your Transactions

Each time you access your Overdraft Privilege service through an overdrawn check, there is a $30.00 NSF fee assessed per transaction that you must deduct from your check register.

Member Benefits

  • Saves money and embarrassment from third party overdraft charges.
  • No applications, or credit checks.
  • Automatic for most CTCU member accounts.
  • $500 limit on Standard and Business checking accounts.
  • $750 limit on Choice Checking, Money Market, or Direct Deposit accounts.


  • CTCU Membership.
  • CTCU checking account in good standing.
  • Business account must be open for at least 60 days.
  • Making regular deposits consistent with past practices.
  • Bringing your account to a positive balance within 10 days of overdraft.
  • Not in default on any loan or obligation to CTCU.
  • Not subject to legal or administrative order or levy.
  • For each transaction covered by Overdraft Privilege, a $30.00 NSF fee is charged to your account.