Additional Services

CTCU offers many convenient services to fit your lifestyle. Keep CTCU in mind when you have a bond to cash. We're here to help you do so much more.

Auto Transfer

CTCU makes your financial life easier. Members can arrange to have monies transferred from one CTCU account to another within the same membership to make loan payments, build savings, cover a potential overdraft, or any reason at all. You arrange the schedule that best meets your needs. You can make a one time transfer, immediate or scheduled, or set up a reoccurring transfer to be made on specific dates. You have complete control by phone using ART, or online using eBranch.

Night Deposit

CTCU members can leave their transactions at the CTCU office after hours using our Night Depository, located on the outside of our locations at our Main Gurnee Branch (1313 Skokie Hwy) and Lake Villa Branch.

Your deposits, loan payments and check orders are processed the next business day. CTCU's Night Depository is an easy and convenient way to have your transactions completed when you are unable to visit the credit union during business hours.

Safe Deposit Box

If you are looking for somewhere safe to store valuables and important documents protected from fire and theft, think about renting a safe deposit box. Different sizes available to suit your needs at 3 branches (Gurnee Main, Grayslake and Lake Villa).

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers are a convenient, fast, and safe way to send money electronically from one financial institution to another in another town or another state. Wire requests must be made in person at a CTCU branch office.

Cashiers Checks and Money Orders

Cashiers Check and Money Orders are check-like instruments, used to make purchases or pay for services when payment requires a higher level of reliability and security than a personal check or cash. Collected funds are required to purchase a cashiers check or money order. Ask a teller which is right for you.

Notary Public & Signature Guarantee

At no cost to members CTCU offers the service of a Notary Public, a public official who attests signatures to make them legally authentic. It allows members to have documents legally notarized for authenticity. We also provide a Signature Guarantee service.