Online Banking (eBranch)

Once you experience the power of eBranch, it just might change the way you do banking. eBranch is designed to be your virtual, online CTCU branch, saving you visits and calls to the credit union. eBranch offers even more.

With eBranch you can view your CTCU account balances and history, transfer funds between your CTCU accounts: immediate or scheduled, one-time or reoccurring. This allows you to make automatic loan payments, build regular savings deposits, or simply to cover a recent expense. You have the control.

With eBranch you can also view your cancelled checks, monitor stocks, and export transaction data into financial management programs such as MS Money. You can even get your monthly statements online and print and/or save them as a digital file. Using email notification you can set-up to receive an email notification regarding successful transfers, when your balance falls below a certain level, when a specific check clears, or when a Certificate account matures.

CTCU's online Bill Payment & Presentment allows you to send payments to anyone, anywhere within the U.S. at no charge! You can also receive your bills online, as well as set them to be paid automatically or manually. No more writing checks, buying stamps, or using an unsecured mailbox. Enjoy the security and convenience of having all your bills together on one website!

eBranch uses the highest levels of security with protective firewalls, encryption, screening filters and other safeguards to ensure that each and every transaction is safe, secure, and confidential.

The best part of eBranch is that it is all provided at no additional cost to CTCU members. Login today to experience the power of having your own personal financial management center.

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Accessing eBranch

First-time users can access eBranch using their current ART (telephone account access) PIN number, as your eBranch password. After logging in you can change your eBranch password if you wish. If you forget your password or have been locked out of eBranch, call the credit union at 847-662-2050.

Member Benefits

  • Secure access to your CTCU accounts 24 hours a day, wherever you have Internet access.
  • FREE to CTCU members.
  • View current account balance and history.
  • Unlimited transfers from checking. Six transfers from savings per month.
  • Set up automatic transfers.
  • Online Bill Payment & Presentment.
  • View/print/save monthly statements.
  • View and print cancelled checks.
  • Download account information into MS Money, Quicken, or other personal financial software programs.
  • Submit a change of address.
  • Order a MasterMoney ATM/Debit Check card.
  • Request a 'Stop Payment'
  • Make online loan and VISA payments.
  • Monitor stock quotes.
  • Set up and receive email alerts.
  • Reorder checks.