Telephone Banking (ART)

One call does it all. Transfer funds from one account to another anytime and from anywhere. Even after the credit union is closed, you can still make transactions by telephone using 'ART,' CTCU's convenient Audio Response Teller system.

How It Works

Easily access your CTCU accounts through ART, simply by using a touch-tone phone!
  • Call ART at 847-775-1711.
    (If outside the 847-area code, call toll-free: 877-342-4788 option 8.)
  • Enter your Member Number followed by the # sign.
  • Enter your access code ,followed by the # sign. Your access code is a 4-6 digit personal identification number that only you know. If you don’t have an access code, contact a credit union representative to set one up.
  • Enter the service code for the transaction you wish to perform, followed by the # sign.


  • Personalize your secure PIN access number at any time.
  • 6 free account transfers per month.
  • Unlimited inquires 24 hours a day.
  • Get account balance and history.
  • Get a list of cleared checks, or the status of a specific check.
  • Make loan payments.
  • Issue a stop payment request.
  • Toll free number when out of town.
  • Safe and convenient access to your account from home, work, or on the road using any touch-tone phone.
  • No teller transfer fees.
Download ART Instructions (PDF file)