VISA® Credit Cards

Transfer balances over and take advantage of our CTCU Visa® Platinum Card 4.99%APR offer for the first 6 billing cycles and as low as 12.20%APR thereafter.

CTCU Visa® cards offer total convenience and many outstanding benefits, including no annual fees, low rates, 24/7 fraud monitoring and cash back rewards. In addition to all the features, the card will come equipped with contactless Tap to Pay option as well as EMV chip technology for added security. Use this card in your mobile wallet for quick and easy payments.

Tap to Pay Technology:
A simple and secure tap is all it takes to pay for the things you need. Visa® contactless payments make it secure, convenient and touch-free.

EMV Technology:
EMV stands for EuroPay, Mastercard®, Visa® and it represents microchip technology in the card that increases security. This technology originated in Europe and has been instrumental in preventing the spread of credit and debit card fraud. It's coming to you in this new card at no extra charge.

Visa® Platinum

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Variable APR is based on applicant’s credit worthiness and will vary with the market, based on the Prime Rate. Applicants must be eligible for CTCU membership. Credit Approval required for CTCU Visa® Platinum cards and applicant must meet credit union guidelines. The Promotional APR for balance transfers is 4.99% for the first six cycles dates from the card issue date. Balance transfer fee of 3% of the balance or $5, which ever is higher. Cash advance fee of 5% or $5, which ever is higher. This offer is only available for new Visa® Platinum cards and begins 2/15/2024. After six cycle dates, the rate on the remaining unpaid balance transfers will increase to a variable rate of Prime plus a range of 3.70% - 12.70% based on your credit worthiness. The Prime Rate as of July 27, 2023 is 8.50% as published in the Wall Street Journal and may adjust monthly. Offer subject to change without notice. Visa® is a registered trademark of Visa®

Cash Back Rewards Card
Credit approval required for CTCU Visa® Platinum Cash Back cards and must meet credit union guidelines. Each eligible purchase made by you or someone you authorize, will qualify for cash back rebates. You will earn a 1% cash back rebate for each $1 of net purchases (defined as purchases minus purchase returns) up to a maximum of $2,000 per month ($20 in cash rebates). Please call or stop in for complete details and restrictions.



Card Lost or Stolen

Call 1.800.449.7728 or 800.654.7728

Member Benefits

  • No annual Fee
  • Cash back (Platinum Cash Back card only)
  • Low interest rate.
  • 24/7 Fraud monitoring
  • EMV chip technology
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • Offers easy access to instant cash
  • Revolving Credit Line ($500 minimum)
  • Convenient for emergencies and unexpected purchases.
  • Internet access to VISA account.


  • CTCU membership.
  • 18 years of age.
  • Subject to credit approval.
  • Late fee of $25 after 10 day grace period applies.
  • If you are planning a trip outside the U.S. and intend to use your VISA card overseas, please call the credit union for possible restrictions.