In today's financial service industry, local banks and other financial institutions are sold, merged, and change names on a regular basis. Today's consumers are often caught in a roller-coaster ride of changing names, policies, and declining service. Throughout this turmoil, Community Trust Credit Union has remained a solid, stable, and permanent fixture, serving our communities for 90 years.

A lot has changed over 90 years...except our superior service! We are proud to be huge community contributor and go-to financial source for our members and the community.
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Community Trust Credit Union began as "Warren Township Credit Union" on July 18, 1933. The Credit Union was organized by the leaders in the community who wanted to help each other through the depression years as an alternative to the high loan, and low savings rates offered by local banks and savings & loans. The initial field of membership was any person living and working in Warren Township, along with their family members.

For the past 90 years, CTCU has continued to serve the community and now serves all those who live or work in Lake or McHenry Counties in Illinois and Kenosha County in Wisconsin.

Over the years, CTCU has played an important role in the history, development and growth of the communities it serves. We're proud of this, and we will never forget our dedication to our members to provide excellence through quality service.