Personal Loans

CTCU has several loan options for your situation. Contact a Member Service Officer to learn more about how a personal loan can help you!

You don't have to wait until the credit union opens, or even visit the office to apply for a loan. CTCU's AnyHour loan service allows you to apply online, or call a toll-free number.

30-60-90 Day Note

Short-term loans can come in mighty handy. For example, if you need cash while you’re waiting for a CD to mature or a tax refund to arrive, your solution is right here. Pick your time frame and how much you need. CTCU will take care of the rest…so you can rest easy.

Signature Loan

Just sign. That’s all there is to it. Your signature is all that we need to loan you money you need to take care of some of life’s expenses. Whether you need extra cash for a special occasion, home improvements or simply for a new home computer, CTCU has the money you need. Rates are fixed and repayment schedule depends upon the amount borrowed.

Share Secured Loan

If you need a personal loan to take care of some expenses, a CTCU secured loan option is the way to go. The least expensive way to borrow money is to use your savings accounts or certificates as collateral. While you continue to earn high dividends, you pay just a few percentage points above the earning rate for your loan.

All that is required is that you maintain a savings balance at least equal to the remaining unpaid loan balance during the life of the loan.