Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit provides the convenience and confidence of having your funds deposited automatically into your Credit Union account on the day you are paid. You'll never need to worry about late deposits or lost or stolen paychecks. Direct Deposit gives you immediate access to your money through your,ATM/Debit card, as well as telephone and online banking.

The federal government now issues many Social Security, veterans benefit checks, tax returns, and other payments through direct deposit, also known as electronic deposit. In addition, many employers now offer direct deposit of paychecks.

Payroll Deduction

If your employer offers "payroll deduction" you can designate a specific amount of your paycheck to be directly deposited into a CTCU savings, checking or loan account. To apply for Payroll Deduction, simply contact your employer or payer to see if they offer the service. They should have the forms you need to complete.

CTCU's ACH Routing Number

In addition to your account number, most direct deposit forms will require CTCU's ACH routing / transit number which is printed along the bottom of your checks. For your convenience, CTCU's routing number is:


Member Benefits

  • Checks cannot be lost or stolen.
  • Payments reach your account the day the check is issued -- even if you are out of town, sick or unable to get to the credit union.
  • Saves you trips to the credit union and waiting in line at a teller or ATM.
  • Have immediate access to your money.