Trust Savings

You have spent a lifetime working hard to provide for your family. You are their foundation for financial guidance and decision-making, always looking out for their best interest. But change is inevitable and being prepared for a time of transition is critical to ensure that your dreams, goals and plans are met. That’s why a Trust Account from CTCU is the right tool to secure your wishes. For example, holding funds for a specified individual.

Accounts can be conveniently monitored and accessed from home. Dividends accrue daily, compounded and paid monthly.

Member Benefits

  • Organizing funds to meet your wishes delivers peace of mind
  • Compounded dividends provide solid investment growth
  • Minimal paperwork required to open a CTCU Trust Account
  • Program options provide flexible planning alternatives


  • A new CTCU membership account.
  • A copy of trust documents displaying: name of trust, names of trust successor/trustees, and notarized signature of trustee(s).