Debit Mastercard®


A CTCU Debit Mastercard® is a Debit and ATM card all in one. Your debit card is faster and easier to use because it lets you access your checking account without taking the time to write a check or hassle with identification. In addition to getting cash at most ATMs, you can use your Debit Mastercard® to make purchases at over 15 million merchant locations worldwide, wherever Mastercard® is accepted.

Simply present your debit card as you would any credit card. You have the safest payment option, Tap to Pay (if retail device is capable) or more traditional options like inserting using EMV chip and also to swipe. Our card can be used for quick payment from your Mobile Wallet. Your purchase will be deducted from your checking account and will appear on your monthly checking account statement.

Using your Debit Mastercard® as an ATM card is safer than carrying cash. Your card can be used to get cash or make purchases wherever you see the STAR or Cirrus logo, giving you access to thousands of ATMs across the U.S. and other countries. CTCU members can choose from hundreds of surcharge free ATMs.  



  • Login to your Online Banking account.
  • Select "Secure Forms".
  • Select "Debit Mastercard® Application".
  • Fill out the secure form and submit.