Money Market Accounts

Offering sound investment options is part of what makes Community Trust Credit Union so successful. Our Money Market Accounts allow you to maximize earnings through higher yields than a Share Savings Account and require a $2,500 minimum balance. When your balance reaches $20,000, your yield rises. When your balance reaches $50,000, your yield goes even higher. Funds are accessible at any time without penalties or fees. If your Savings Account balance is more than $2,500, start earning more today by opening a CTCU Money Market Account.

Member Benefits

  • Three-tiered higher interest rate structure provides greater returns when balances rise to $20,000 and $50,000
  • Easy access to funds through our convenient telephone or online services
  • Higher average yields than savings accounts
  • Deposited funds are safe and risk free


  • CTCU Membership.
  • Minimum balance of $2,500 needed to open account.
  • No interest is paid when balance falls below $2500.